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24 Hour Emergency Service and Online Maintenance Request


As a Property Management Company, the second biggest expense we encounter is maintenance.  Handled properly, you can make the tenant a life long customer and advocate for your home. Poorly handled, you can have a mess on your hands.

At 4th Avenue Property Management, we have a 24 hour emergency service and a 24 hour online Maintenance Request for tenants.  As a Property Manager, we need proper procedures for every tenant and a written history of request and follow up.  All of this is available to you online.  If you want to follow what is being done to your home, you can receive up to date emails and have web access to track your asset.

24 Hour Emergency Service and Online Maintenance Request is a must in Residential Property Management


Below are 3 critical areas to follow.

1. Be aware that owning rental property cost money. HVAC systems break, appliances stop working, and maintenance has to be performed.

2. Have the mindset to please the tenant.  As owners and Property Managers, our responsibility is to provide a safe, secure place to live.  The tenant’s responsibility is to take care of the home and pay the rent. Our job as a Property Management Company, is to have both sides realize their roles and act accordingly. Sometimes it’s easier said than done. The owners are our clients and the tenants are the customers.

3. Respond quickly as possible and then determine cause and charge accordingly. Staying within the law is more critical today than ever. Codes have changed and tenant’s expectations have changed. The days of sending Ted, the neighbor, are gone.  State and Federal Laws are prohibiting homeowners and Property Managers from using professionals without proper licenses.

For more information on the our 24 Hour Emergency Service and Online Maintenance Request, call 4th Avenue Property Management.  We will be happy to discuss the importance of dealing with tenant maintenance request.

 For the price of a cup of coffee and a biscuit a day, you can have a professional property manager manage what may be your largest asset.


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