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3 Tips to Sell or Rent Your Home Fast!

3 tips to rent your home

As a Property Management Company in Gwinnett County, Georgia, selling or renting a home has become much more difficult.  In my opinion, performing these 3 minor items will enable you to sell or rent  your home faster and for more money.  In my previous post, I mentioned the need to distinguish between performing repairs or improvements.  These 3 items are a must and key to making the home sell or rent faster.

1. Exterior of Home: power wash exterior of home including deck and driveway, clean exterior windows, and screens. The cost has come down and many people are opting to wash instead of pressure wash. This typically cost between $180-$275.

2. Landscape:  A landscaping company can be hired for around $500 to do a front yard makeover. Many yards only require a makeover and not a complete redo. The goal is to make your yard look new. Most times, the foundation shrubs can be cut back while the secondary plants can be replaced with newer, more balanced shrubs.  If the plant beds are small, consider the colored mulch. Adding annuals are a nice touch in the spring to add color. To save even more money, take pictures of the front of your home, measure plant beds, and take your photos and measurements to your local nursery.  Many times, they will help you design an easy and quick drawing for you to do it yourself.

3. Fresh Paint: A fresh coat of paint on the front door, shutters, and window trim. is a good start to make that first impression. Take a drive through the neighborhood or new subdivisions and look at the color pallets. A newer door color or a new coat of paint will go a long way. I just paid someone $350 to paint the front door, 6 shutters, and trim for 3 windows. Don’t forget the mailbox. If it looks old and tired, replace the mailbox and post. If you have the time and the desire, all of these can be done in one day with a ladder and paint for under $200.

I routinely budget $1,000 for everything above and rarely miss it by much. For more tips on renting and selling your home, visit our Blog “All Things Real Estate.”  As a property manager, we continually look for ways to separate our listings from all of the homes on the market.  Everyday your home sits vacant is a day of lost income or opportunity for life to happen. Nothing good happens when a home is vacant.

For more information on selling or renting your home, visit us at www.4thavenuepropertymanagement.com. 4th Avenue Property Management is  a Property Management Company in Buford, Georgia offering Property Management Services in Lawrenceville, Duluth, Braselton, Hoschton, Buford, Suwanee, Sugar Hill, and Dacula.  We specialize in Rental Property Management.