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Find a Property Management Company You Can Trust and Trust Them to Do The Job

Finding The Right Property Manager

As Property Manager in Buford Georgia, we get many phone calls from homeowners interested in renting their home or at least exploring the option of renting their home.

While most of the Property Management Companies provide many of the same services, it usually boils down to two things. Does the Property Manager provide the level of service you are looking for and your gut feeling.

A few items to consider would be how often is the home inspected, will you have 24 hour access to your account, do you get to see what the maintenance request are before work is done, can your payments be direct deposited?  Put a little thought into what is important to you.

If the answers they provide to your questions meet your needs, then the decision will probably come down to what your gut tells you. Did they answer the phone or return your call in appropriate length of time, did they take the time to answer your questions, did you speak with the Property Manager, if not how accessible are they. Once the decision is made to hire the Property Management Company, then trust them to do the job.  You trusted them enough to hire the company now trust them to get the job done. That doesn’t mean that you close your eyes and hope for the best because hope isn’t a strategy.  Simply manage the Property Manager. Review your statements monthly, monitor periodic property inspections, and plan for a yearly review of your rental property.

Be sure to share with your Property Manager what is most important to you.  Is it rental income or property preservation.  A good Property Management Company will manage with YOUR goals in mind and create a strategy to achieve YOUR goals.

4th Avenue Property Management manages residential homes in Buford, Suwanee, Dacula, Lawrenceville, and most of Gwinnett County GA. We manage with a strategic long-term strategy.