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How to Find and Keep Good Tenants | Landlord Education

Keeping good tenants

What makes a good tenant? Our ideal candidate is someone who understands that a process is involved. It’s similar to buying a home. You go through a series of steps, and then 30 to 45 days later, you get the home. Renting a property is kind of the same thing, but on a smaller scale. There is a process that needs to be followed before you get a great home. Consider these three words when you’re placing and retaining tenants: systems, expectations, and education.

How to Be a Great Landlord: Systems

We have a system in place that helps us identify a potential candidate. We aren’t hoping for a great candidate, because hope isn’t a strategy. Our system is a series of checkboxes. The process covers someone viewing the home, completing an application, paying a reservation fee, signing a lease, and performing a move-in inspection. That’s a whole checklist and a process that includes a number of steps that a good tenant won’t mind going through.

How to Be a Great Landlord: Expectations

We expect someone to go through a series of steps. After they successfully complete those steps, they are expecting us to be a great Buford property management company. We expect something from them, and they expect something from us. We create a high level of expectations, and once we do that – we have to deliver.

How to Be a Great Landlord: Education

One of the roles any good management company will embrace is education. We have to educate a tenant on how to be a great resident. The owner and the management company are required to provide a safe and secure place for tenants to live. The tenant has to pay rent on time and take care of the property. Property managers also need to enforce the lease. Taking time to educate the tenants on how this works and what their responsibilities are will make for better tenant retention.

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