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How Effective is Your Property Management Company?

Is your property manager effective


Is your property manager effectiveProviding Property Management Services in Gwinnett County Georgia over the past decade has been very interesting.  I say interesting because the market and expectations have changed.  The rental market as well as the resell market has changed due to price, demographics, job opportunities, school openings, apprehensive buyers, and sellers.

An effective property management company will have firsthand knowledge of the market and should be able to provide sound advice to market prices and rates. However, a strong property manager should be able to give sound advice to what the current trend is for your immediate location and to whether holding or selling the home is more advantageous. At the time of this post, prices in Metro Atlanta have risen 13%. That means very little if your subdivision in Dacula GA has 2 foreclosures and a short sale currently on the market.

An effective property manager will manage the rental property with the goals of the owner in mind. One of the biggest changes I’ve seen in the past four years is the expectations of the owner.  In the past, owner’s main concern was cash flow.  Now, I’m seeing a shift to property preservation.  Not all homeowners want a long-term rental home.  Many of the homeowners are reluctant landlords. They would rather sell. But, the market often dictates what those options are. By maintaining the focus on property preservation, the owner can continue with the ultimate goal of selling the home.

If you want the property manager to be effective, be sure to share your goals and have a mutual understanding of what those goals are.

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