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Routine Home Inspections To Ensure Property Preservation

As a Property Manager, we receive phone calls almost daily from Landlords who have been self managing or who are unhappy customers of other Property Management Companies. Many are unhappy because of the surprise they get when a tenant moves out. When a tenant vacates the home, this is usually the first opportunity the owner gets to see the property prior to someone moving in. (The realization that a dog was brought into the home, the leaky sink was never fixed, or the tenant was a smoker who never went outside). Suddenly, the Security Deposit doesn’t seem to be enough.

Routine Home Inspections To Ensure Property Preservation is a must in Property Management

At 4th Avenue Property Management, we perform routine inspections throughout the year and periodically drive by the properties to ensure the home is being cared for and to minimize future cost through preventative maintenance. In our office, we call this Property Preservation. We pay close attention to items that can cause significant damage if left unattended. For instance, cracked or missing grout in a shower can cause thousands of dollars in repairs.

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