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What Can 4th Avenue Property Management Do For You

As a Property Managerin Gwinnett County, our goal is very simple.  We must rent the property for the most possible, maintain the property to ensure future value, keep cost down, and make the experience for the homeowner as easy as possible. Sounds easy enough right?

As simple as it sounds, all of these goals are broken down into steps and managed by checklists.  Below is a list of what 4th Avenue Property Management can do for you.


What Can 4th Avenue Property Management Do For You?

1.  Market Evaluation to ensure highest market price.

2.  Walk through to address any repairs or issues that need to be corrected before marketing the home or renting.

3.  Strategic marketing to ensure less time on the market which eventually cost you less.

4.  Complete applicant screenings are performed which include criminal, rental history, payment history, and credit checks to guard against deadbeat tenants.

5.  Lease signings and walk thru’s are performed prior to move in. Our leases are updated regularly too provide the best protection for the owner.  Walk thru’s are performed to ensure proper education to the new tenants and guard against future problems at move out.

6.   4th Avenue Property Management provides numerous ways, including online payments, for tenants to pay reducing the usual excuse of being in the mail. We provide direct deposits to owners and 24 hours online access to your account so you always stay informed.

7.  Online maintenance request creates a permanent record and 24 hour emergency service.

8.  Regular home inspections ensure your property is being maintained and possibly preventing large future expenses.

9.  We strive to make the stay for the tenant as pleasant as possible with the hope they will stay long term. Vacancies and repairs are the owner’s biggest expense.

10.  Complete and detailed move out inspections are performed in accordance with Georgia Law to ensure the law is met and the owner is protected from costly repairs.


For a more detailed explanation of our services, check out Why Choose 4th Avenue Property Management.


For the price of a cup of coffee and a biscuit a day, you can have a professional property manager manage what may be your largest asset.